Day 219: 15 Years Since My Mom Passed Away

Today was the 15 year anniversary since my mom passed away. There isn’t a single day that goes by that I don’t think about her or my father who passed away 5 months before she did.

At her funeral instead of speaking I played “One Sweet Day” by Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men. Earlier today, as I do every year, I watched the music video when I got to my office this morning: 

It’s my own little way of remembering her on this date. As each year passes this day gets easier and easier to deal with even though it never goes away. 

Knowing that today was a longer Spartan workout and that I haven’t gotten up before 7:30a for the past week I decided to sleep in until 6:15a. 

Usually when I wake up at 5:00a I am able to pop right out of bed. This morning, however, I hit the snooze button twice until I got out of bed around 6:30a.  

I guess it’s still some of the lagging fatigue from last week. 

For the first time in a long time my schedule wasn’t filled with back-to-back meetings. It gave me a chance to get through my weekly review which typically happens on Sundays and work on several projects. 

In my quest to find the best and fastest route to the office I was able to finally drive home from work without GPS. 

When I got home I headed to the gym to get in the Spartan WOD for today: 


Main Set 

  • 1 set: 3 min, non-stop, Forward, Reverse, and Lateral Skipping 
  • 1 set: 3 min, non-stop, 15 yd Forward and Reverse Bear Crawl. 
  • 1 set: 3 min Knees to Wall Squat Practice.
  • 2 sets: Vertical Leap, 3 reps. 20s rest in Plank position
  • 2 sets: Max Reps Close Grip Incline Push Ups + Rear Foot Elevated Squat, 10 reps per side, + Renegade Row, 6 reps per side.
  • 2 sets: Body Rows, 10 reps + 20 second Hollow Holds.
  • 1 set: 300’ Walking Lunge.
  • 30 mins: Run (scaled to a walk w/inclines up to 5%).

Cool Down 


Since my calves and ankles are still sore I scaled the run back to a walk but to make it harder I continued to increase the incline up to 5%. 

As was similar to the last time I performed this workout I was completely drenched in sweat. 

It also reminded me why I’m not thrilled about working out at night but I am happy that I still got my workout in today. 

Working out after work didn’t leave much time for rest but I’m trying to give my body a bit of time to heal before crashing for the evening. Tomorrow holds a day of back-to-back meetings as is typical for Tuesdays.