Day 215: Three Nights Down

Much like the past couple of nights, the routine continues: take Zofran one hour before taking chemo followed by washing my hands thoroughly, taking my chemo pills, washing my hands thoroughly again and then going to bed. 

Apparently the pills are toxic enough that even handling them can cause issue. Actually I was told that if Laura was going to handle them then she should wear gloves.  

Knowing that today was going to be a rest day I didn’t bother to set an alarm before falling asleep.

I woke up at 7:30a just like I have the rest of this week, getting 8.75 hours of sleep. When I did wake up I didn’t feel the nausea that I have the past 2 days so that made me happy.  

Instead of only having a Quest Nutrition bar I made my typical shake consisting of almond milk, protein powder, natural peanut butter and a banana.  

Since I was feeling pretty good today I decided to work from my home office instead of from the couch though I did take breaks throughout the day. 

One thing that I want to protect against is working a normal day without taking breaks thinking that I’m feeling fine and then having that take me down.  

Therefore I have been careful to take several breaks throughout the day to briefly read or take Sasha for a longer walk. 

I only felt briefly nauseous a couple of times today but nothing that slowed me down at all. 

While there are still 2 nights left before the first week is over, if this is the worst that I’ll feel then I feel pretty fortunate. I can easily deal with extra sleep and a bit of nausea. 

The one thing that we won’t know until next month is how my body will handle an increase in the dosage. 

This first month has been at a reduced dosage as a test. If my body handles it well (which it has) then they will increase the dosage for the remaining 11 months. 

I’m hoping that the reason why this first week has gone as it has is both a combination of my mental and physical toughness.