Day 214: The Small Bouts of Nausea Continue

Similar to yesterday morning, when my alarm went off at 6:00a I went back to sleep until around 7:15a adding up to nearly 8.5 hours of sleep. 

I’m assuming this is the fatigue from the chemo meds hence why it was recommended to take it right before bed.

When I woke up I was feeling a bit more nauseous than yesterday but felt well enough that I was able to take care of Sasha and Darren. 

Again my breakfast consisted of only a Quest Nutrition bar since I wasn’t feeling hungry. Though it’s not a lot of food, at least it is healthy - high in protein and fiber while being low in net carbs including sugar. 

I had a few meetings that were spaced out but not enough to allow me to go workout until around 2:30p. 

I was still feeling pretty strong by the time I left for the gym so I completed today’s Spartan WOD


Main set 

  • Sub- Endurance, 10 mins: Zone 1 Jog.
  • Repeat sets*: 50’ Bear Crawl + 100’ Sprint + 10 Burpee Broad Jumps.

x2 sets

Cool Down 


Though it wasn’t a very long workout, it was hard, had me exhausted and dripping in sweat. 

As I was walking back to our place a bout of nausea kicked in that really didn’t feel too good. 

After I showered I decided to shut it down for a bit and just read while keeping my eye on email for anything that came through. 

With some rest the nausea went away. I couldn’t take the Zofran that has been prescribed for the nausea because I can only take it every 8 hours.  

Since it was already 3:30p that would have meant that I couldn’t take the next dose until 11:30p therefore I just pushed through the nausea. 

For dinner tonight we decided to have chicken and soup just to help keep my stomach settled. 

I have already taken the Zofran and will be taking my third dose of chemo in 30 minutes before heading to sleep. 

We will see how I feel tomorrow when I wake up to see if any additional nausea kicks in.  

So far it has not been too bad but, as I have mentioned, it can get worse at different time periods depending on the patient. Here’s hoping that the little bouts of nausea are the worse that I’ll feel all week.