Day 211: Our Last Morning in Solvang

Going to bed for the 2nd night in a row after 1:00a on the same night when daylight savings kicks in didn’t bode well for me getting sleep.

Even though I slept in a bit this morning I still only got 5.5 hours last night. When I woke up I was wide awake already and couldn’t fall back asleep. 

Before going out for breakfast I went to the gym next door to complete the Spartan WOD for the day which was: 


Jump Rope – 3 minutes 

Main Set 

30 minute Zone 1 Run 

Cool down 


While jumping rope I felt a clicking in my left shoulder that was similar to something I felt a week or two ago. I’m not sure what it is and whether it is normal or not. But, either way, I did stretch my shoulders out, going through a few mobility exercises. 

When I got back to the room we packed up, checked out and went to a small bakery in Solvang to enjoy a few pastries.  

It was a beautiful morning to sit outside before getting in the car for a 3.5-4 hour drive home. 

We had planned on hanging out in Solvang until early afternoon but decided to head out late morning so that we could get home sooner. With the exception of a short section of dense traffic it was an easy drive back. 

Before going back to our apartment we stopped for a late lunch/early dinner since we didn’t stop on the drive back. 

It was fun, as always, walking back in our front door and getting tackled by Sasha. It never gets old. 

The rest of the evening has been low-key as we prepare for the upcoming week. 

Tomorrow morning I have to go for a blood test to re-check one of my blood levels. I have a 7:15a appointment so that hopefully they have the results back by mid-day and then they can make the call on whether or not I can start chemo tomorrow night. 

If the level is where they want it to be then tomorrow will be the first day of the next phase of this journey for us.  

If not then we will need to consult with our neurologist and neuro-oncologist on what is needed to bring that level up, retest and then set a new date. 

As of now I have myself blocked off on my work calendar this week so that I can be picky about which meetings I attend based on how I’m feeling. 

We go into tomorrow with the assumption that tomorrow night I will start the chemo treatment.  

It is scary to think about but is something that we are tackling head on. If I’m going to feel fatigued then I’m going to feel fatigued. If I’m going to feel nauseous then I’m going to feel nauseous.  

There isn’t anything that we can do to prevent how my body is going to react. We have to wait until I take the first dose to see what happens and then we can manage it from there. 

No matter what happens, I am thankful for these past few days in Santa Ynez Valley with Laura and a group of close friends. We laughed, told stories, drank, ate, played games and had an amazing time.