Day 210: Enjoying a Day in Santa Ynez Valley

As I was falling asleep last night I checked the Spartan WOD since I was up past 2:00a when the WOD is typically published. 

When I saw that today’s workout was their Lo180 workout which is a low impact cardio session for 180 minutes long I knew that I wouldn’t be waking up to go workout since I don’t have 3 hours to dedicate to working out.

I fell asleep around 2:30a and slept until nearly 10:00a, the latest that I have slept in longer than I can remember.

Once we were up and ready we went to a local burger place for lunch and then walked around town for a little while.

Today was a very hot day with temperatures peaking around 88 degrees so we tried to duck in and out of stores often to catch a few minutes of cold air.

We did a bit of shopping before walking back to the hotel to grab our car and take a short drive out to the country-side. 

When I was driving to the event on Thursday I had passed several horse farms. Knowing that Laura loves horses I wanted to take her over that way so that she could see all of the horses.

It was fun to get lost in horse country taking random turns with no real guidance until we were ready to return to the hotel.

Once we got back to the hotel we went for another walk including stopping for delicious chocolate peanut butter fudge, sitting in a park to enjoy it.

We then headed over to David Baeza s house to hang out with him and his wife for the late afternoon and evening. David and I went to a local brewery while Sylvia and Laura went shopping for a bit.

When Sylvia and Laura returned we went to a friend of theirs, who we hung out with last night at the CrossFit party, for a BBQ.

It was a fun night hanging out with a small group of friends enjoying great food, delicious wine and playing Cards Against Humanity.

Now that we’re back to our hotel and it is again well past our normal bedtime, it is time for me to crash so that I can wake up tomorrow to workout before we start our final morning in Santa Ynez.