Day 208: Seeing Friends and Speaking at #WTFConf

I had originally set my alarm for 6:30a so that I would have time to get a workout in before leaving for the #WTFConf where I was speaking today.

When I woke up to check my email I saw that today was a rest day so I crawled back into bed with the intention of sleeping for a little while longer. 

I ended up not waking up until 8:15a which was really nice but caused me to rush around a bit.

I was worried that my shoulders would feel sore from driving for so long last night but surprisingly I didn’t feel any soreness this morning.

Since I didn’t go workout this morning I also did not take time to complete my daily physical therapy for my shoulders. 

It was a great day to see so many friends who have supported us throughout this entire journey.

Much like other events when I have seen friends, many people commented how good I looked considering everything that we have gone through.

While I know that I continue to make progress such as being able to complete 5 band assisted pull-ups, I still stay focused. I want to make more progress and faster.

When it came time to speak David Baeza gave me a wonderful introduction which was far beyond anything that was needed.

I enjoyed talking about the steakhouse case study since it is something that I have not spoken in detail about it for a couple of years.

After the conference all of the speakers and other friends headed back to David’s house for food and cocktails. It was really fun to just hang out with friends for a bit tonight. We called it an early evening although everyone else was still going. 

I’m looking forward to getting in a workout tomorrow morning before we head over to David’s house for breakfast and to go wine tasting.