Day 207: Burpees, Low Blood Counts and A Long Drive

When my alarm went off this morning I jumped out of bed with excitement to go workout after taking yesterday off.

I completed my shoulder exercises and then attacked today’s Spartan WOD which was: 


Main set 

  • Sub-Endurance, 10 mins: Zone 1 Jog.
  • Repeat sets*: 50’ Bear Crawl + 100’ Sprint + 10 Burpee Broad Jumps.

x2 sets

Cool Down 


Due to a lack of space I did 50’ sprints instead of 100’ sprints.  

I had hoped to do at least one more set since the 2 sets was the Sprint level but after finishing the second set of burpee broad jumps I could barely breath.  

It was the first time in 8-12 months that I had completed a full burpee so being able to accomplish 20 of them including broad jumps made me very happy. 

I drove myself to work today instead of taking the light rail. It was really nice to have the freedom to drive myself again, being able to leave when I was ready instead of trying to time it with the arrival of the train. 

The day was another back-to-back day of meetings but it was a day where I felt as though I made meaningful progress on several key projects which made me feel good. 

While at work I received a call from our neuro-oncologist’s office letting us know that the blood work results had come back. Apparently one of my blood levels is lower than they want prior to me starting chemo on Monday. 

Since the blood work was done on February 23rd they have asked me to get another blood test early on Monday so that hopefully they will get the results by mid-day and I can still start the chemo Monday night. 

Their assumption is that my anti-seizure medications are what is affecting my blood levels but we need the level to come up before I can start the chemo regimen. 

Once I got back home we quickly packed and jumped on the road for the 3.5 hour drive to Solvang which is in the middle of Santa Ynez Valley. 

Though it was a long drive it made me feel good that I was able to drive us down to Solvang. 

Within 5 minutes of arriving at the hotel David Baeza and C.C. Chapman pulled up which was fun happenstance. We spent a few minutes catching up with them before heading to our room so that we can crash. 

Since I have time in the morning before having to go over to the vineyard where the event is being held I am hoping to get in a workout, even though I didn’t think to check with the hotel tonight on what fitness offering(s) they have.