Day 204: Trying Spartan WODs for March

With another 8 hours of sleep last night I hit a 10-day streak for the first time in a couple of months. It feels good to hit a 10-day sleep streak due to the focus that I have been putting on sleep. 

The one thing that this doesn’t take into consideration is when I get close to 7 hours of sleep. There are many times that I still get 6.75 hours of sleep though that doesn’t count since I set my goal at 7 hours per night. 

When I woke up this morning I had planned on doing the same chest workout that I have been improving on for the past few weeks. 

However, realizing that today was the 1st of a new month I decided to try the Spartan Race WODs for the month of March. 

I have been subscribed to their daily email for months but never tried doing the WODs even though I have taken some of the warm-ups, exercises and cool downs from them. 

I’ll have to see what the WODs dictate and may have to adjust the time when I workout to accommodate the needed time to complete.  

I typically don’t have much time in the morning but some of the Spartan WODs can take up between 1-2 hours to complete. 

Also, I’ll have to see what adjustments I may need to make for the week that I’m on chemo. It may be that I just won’t be able to workout that week due to how I’m feeling. 

For today’s workout I completed the following: 


Jump Rope – 3 minutes

Main Set 

Super-Trifecta Levels: 30 minute Zone 1 Run/Jog.  

Cool down 


Though I am registered for the Spartan Sprint at AT&T Park in July I would like to try accomplishing the Super-Trifecta level workouts to hopefully make the Sprint race easier. 

While jogging I watched a new episode of the Spartan Up podcast where Joe Desena interviewed Mark Webb. Just days after completing a Spartan Sprint with his son he had a freak motorcycle accident during which he lost his leg below the knee.

Much of what Mark describes during his recovery including his mental state is exactly how I have felt over the last 6 months. He conveys a lot of what I have thought and how I have approached each day. 

It was a beautiful day in the Bay Area so after we finished running errands and having lunch we headed out for a walk around Communications Hill. 

We decided not to head up the ~220 steps and instead opted for climbing the steep hill that runs near the steps. 

We walked 3.67 miles in an hour, tacking on another 6,800 steps brining my total, as of now, to 17,000 steps. 

Tonight Laura will be making one of my favorite dishes: pesto zoodles with chicken and scalded tomatoes

As I have mentioned, tomorrow brings a full day at UCSF including another MRI to establish a baseline prior to starting chemo in a week.