Day 201: Tackling the Next Hurdle in Front of Us

Thursdays are typically my rest day from working out which means I can sleep for a little while longer. However, today I had an early morning meeting at work so I had to leave by around 6:20a to make it into work on time.

Today was the peak of a very busy week of non-stop meetings. In between meetings I tried my best to sneak in any work I could but it was hard.

Yesterday while talking with the UCSF fertility clinic they had let me know that if we wanted to go somewhere closer to where we now live that we could. So, to avoid a 40 minute drive each way tomorrow I spent time researching closer clinics.

I had found a couple of options, one of which I called yesterday and the other which I called today. After talking to both fertility centers we decided to keep our appointment with UCSF for tomorrow.

Though I know it is something that the clinic deals with every day, it will be a humbling experience for me to go through.

It’s yet another hurdle that we will overcome and another experience that will be a first for us.

Monday will be the long day at UCSF (again) since I start the day off with a MRI followed by separate appointments with our neuro-oncologist and neurologist.

It was surprising to me the number of messages I received after publishing last night’s update congratulating me on the last 200 days. 

There have been many days where I haven’t known what to write about or have questioned if I should keep documenting this journey. It is on those days that I get the most feedback from people.

Thank you for continuing to support us and this journey. Though it has been 201 days we still have at least another year to go that will bring unique challenges.