Day 198: A Blood Draw and Confirming Chemo

When the alarm went off this morning it was one of those nice mornings where it felt good to get out of bed knowing that you had slept well overnight.

I didn’t go to the gym since my lower body was still sore from my cardio session on Saturday. 

Before heading to my office I had to make my way over to a lab to get blood drawn. 

I had to get blood drawn both to test the levels of my anti-seizure meds in my system and also the necessary blood tests needed before visiting the fertility clinic. 

Fortunately the lab was only approximately a mile walk from one of the platforms on the same route to work. 

By the time I got to work I had around 10 minutes before back-to-back meetings began. 

When I finally got a break from my meetings I had received a call from the UCSF neurology nursing staff to confirm the chemo (Temodar) dosing and delivery. 

The nurse had me call a home delivery pharmacy that they use for chemo meds so that I could place our first order with them.  

Surprisingly, the first order will be delivered tomorrow even though I still won’t start the treatment until Monday, March 9th. 

We originally planned on starting the chemo treatment next week but have delayed it by a week so that I can speak at an event next Thursday that Laura and I are going to turn into a short weekend vacation. 

It will be weird when the chemo meds arrive tomorrow. There’s something different to me between other meds such as my anti-seizure pills and the chemo. 

I also sent yet another email to the fertility clinic which I finally heard back from at the end of today.  

Tomorrow I will give them a call back to see if we can schedule the visit for next Monday while we are at UCSF. We are running out of time for the visit so am hoping that we can get it taken care of. 

Even if we can’t schedule it for next Monday, that will be a long day with several appointments including another MRI. But, it’s better than having to go back and forth to UCSF over several days.