Day 196: Trying a Pull Up and Performing Burpees Again

It was nice to wake up without an alarm this morning though I still woke up by 6:45a thanks to Sasha and Darren.

When I got over to the gym I tried to do a dead hang pull-up but was only able to get approximately 25% of the way up.  

After trying the pull up I continued to work on stretching my shoulders with the goal of accomplishing a full pull up soon.

Instead of training legs today I decided that I wanted to try a cardio workout from Steven Navaretta (@brooklyntank718). 

He is someone who I follow on Instagram and am continually inspired by the bodyweight exercises that he performs. 

This workout consisted of 3 rounds of the following 5 exercises, each performed for one minute with a one minute rest between rounds: 

  1. Burpee (no pushup) with one knee tuck jump
  2. Jumping jacks
  3. Jog in place with high knees
  4. Rotating sky jumps (reach up)
  5. Double tuck running mans

I couldn’t get through the workout without taking 15 second rests between each exercises.  

I also had to take several breaks during the exercises because of how taxing this workout was on my metabolic system. 

It took a little more than 20 minutes to complete once I warmed up and left me completely drenched in sweat. 

What made me the happiest was overcoming my timidness towards trying burpees again. 

I haven’t performed burpees since before my seizures/injuries due to fear of injuring my shoulders again while trying them. 

I knew that I would need to start doing them again since my first Spartan Sprint is coming up in July. I anticipate having to do more burpees than I care to think about that day. 

After working out we headed down to Carmel to spend the day walking around the shopping area and taking a trip down to the ocean. 

It was a beautiful day to walk around, spending the day with Laura just hanging out together. 

On our way back from Carmel we decided to stop at the Gilroy outlets to do a bit more shopping. 

While at the Gilroy outlets we found an Under-Armour outlet store which, for me, equals heaven.  

I limited myself to only buying 2 new pairs of basketball shorts but I could have easily racked up a very large bill there. 

Once we finished at the Gilroy outlets we came back home to relax for the rest of the night.