Day 192: A Terrible Night of Sleep Thanks to My Head Cold

Last night was a rough one since I woke up every time I had to cough or turn over or blow my nose. Though I slept for more than 7 hours, my UP24 band said that I only got around 2 hours of deep sleep.

I had originally planned on going to the gym this morning but when my alarm went off and I stood up I felt a bit dizzy so I decided to rest for another hour.

My morning routine was completely out of whack this morning since my head didn’t feel like it was screwed on straight. But, I did decide to go into the office since I was feeling ok once I took all of my different cold medicines.

While walking to the light rail platform I started thinking about the increase in steps that moving to San Jose has allowed me. 

I am regularly getting between 8,500-12,500+ steps per day on average nowadays. Previously I would only get 2,500-5,000 steps in a day except on Sundays when Laura and I went for long walks.

I had an entire day of back-to-back meetings originally planned but as the morning got underway my afternoon schedule completely opened up.

It was hard to focus my attention throughout the day so the morning meetings helped but during the afternoon it became harder and harder.

I didn’t do any shoulder exercises today since I’m not feeling well. I’m always disappointed when I take a day off from my mobility work because it sets me back by several days.

We are now 1.5 weeks away from our next series of appointments at UCSF including the MRI, neurologist and neuro-oncologist appointments. 

We are supposed to start the chemo treatments the week of March 2nd but am trying to adjust it to start the week of March 9th so that I can speak at a conference on Thursday and then spend a few days away with Laura.

Unfortunately, we have lost a couple of weeks with the move. Fortunately I can get the blood work taken care of closer to where we live at a lab facility but will need to schedule the fertility clinic visit quickly.

If I’m still feeling this way in the morning then I’m going to work from home so that I don’t contaminate anyone else and can get better in the comfort of my home.