Day 191: Coming Down with a Head Cold

Since my cough wouldn’t relent yesterday we ended up picking up cough syrup for me to take. It was the first time in years that I have given in since I despise cough syrup.

That coupled with turning our bedroom fan on high, helping to provide white noise, allowed me to double the amount of deep sleep I was able to get.

When I woke up I left for my first run since moving here. I decided to head back over to Communications Hill including jogging up all ~220 stairs.  

It was only a total of 1.75 miles but that doesn’t take into account the exertion of jogging up the stairs.  

If only MapMyFitness allowed a setting of run/stairs/run without it thinking that it was 3 separate workouts. Either way it was a strong and exhausting run. 

My shoulders felt good on the run and during basic stretching throughout the day. I took a day off from doing the shoulder hangs or the rotational exercises. 

As the morning rolled on that little nagging cough that started Saturday turned into a full blown head cold. Thankfully we were already stocked up on Emergen-C, DayQuil, Tylenol and cough syrup. 

After reading a great The New Yorker piece on Apple’s design chief, Jony Ive, I decided to (finally!) watch “The Blacklist” which turned into binge-watching it all day, getting through about 12 episodes of the show. 

It is a fantastic show and I’m pretty sure we’ll fly through the rest of the first season within the next couple of nights. 

Having a head cold is one way to force relaxation especially on a holiday. 

Tonight Laura heated up lentil soup that we already had since I wasn’t really hungry for anything else. 

Overall it was a slow and boring day spent watching TV due to not feeling all that great. 

I’m hoping for a good night of sleep tonight so that I’m feeling a bit better before the work week kicks into overdrive tomorrow. 

I always like 3 day weekends that include Friday as the day off instead of Monday because Tuesdays tend to feel like Monday AND Tuesday combined.