Day 188: My First Back and Shoulders Workout in a Month

Even with setting my alarm for an hour later than usual I still turned it off so that I could sleep for another 30 minutes before crawling out of bed. 

After a long week it was nice to get a full 8 hours of sleep last night. When I woke up I felt completely refreshed which was really nice. 

I hit the gym for my first back and shoulders workout in over a month. Before lifting I started off by working through a number of exercises to loosen up my shoulders so they would be ready for the workout. 

The workout that I performed was:


- Seated Rows (4 sets x 12 reps) 
- Lat Pull Downs (4 sets x 12 reps) 


- Alternating dumbbell front raises (4 sets x 15 reps) 
- Alternating dumbbell side raises (4 sets x 15 reps) 

Though it wasn’t a long workout, coming in at just shy of 30 minutes, I am proud with what I was able to accomplish. 

It stressed my shoulders so I would have been nervous pushing them any harder especially since the shoulder muscles are engaged with back exercises as well. 

With tomorrow’s workout it will be the first time since before my seizures that I have worked out 6 times in a week.  

So, even though some of my sessions haven’t been as intense as I would like, the fact that I have worked out 6 times this week is a big win for me. 

I worked from home today so spent the day tackling a mix of work and home tasks.  

Due to a few changes in my schedule I only had one meeting today so it gave me time to work through projects, following up with my team and administrative tasks. 

It was really nice spending time with Sasha and Darren. I know that it’s been hard on them with both of us being back in our offices again.  

Prior to moving to San Jose I had worked from home at least 4 days per week for the last 4 years so the change has been hard for them. 

Tonight we watched “Chef” by Jon Favreau which was a fantastic movie. I had heard from several friends, especially foodies, how great of a movie it was. It was an enjoyable movie for a Friday night after a busy week. 

I’m looking forward to a 3-day weekend filled with celebrating Valentine’s Day tomorrow, tackling more house projects and relaxing.