Day 187: Pushing Through Another Mile Long Suitcase Carry

Of course, this morning when my alarm went off I promptly turned it off and fell back asleep so that by the time I woke up I only had roughly 15-20 minutes to get down the taxi. Thankfully I had packed everything last night so I didn’t have to deal with that.

I got over to the airport, made my way through security and then stopped for breakfast which was scrambled egg whites, bacon, sliced tomato and a 1/2 slice of wheat toast.  

That breakfast culminated my 36 hours in Las Vegas where I managed to eat healthy the entire time and squeeze in a workout.  

Though I am deeply passionate about fitness it usually gets tossed aside when I travel no matter how hard I try so this was a success for me. 

When I boarded the plane I immediately became very tired. I hadn’t slept particularly well the 2 nights that I was in Vegas and I think it finally started to catch up with me. 

It was a short flight with perfect weather. We landed 10 minutes early into San Jose and I caught an Uber straight to my office to start my work day. 

I had several meetings with short breaks between meetings throughout the day. Since my schedule was hectic I only focused on accomplishing a few tasks such as slaying my inbox. 

Similar to when I boarded the plane, as soon as I got on the light rail to head home I became incredibly tired. While just relaxing and listening to music it took all of my strength not to fall asleep. 

When we got to my stop, like on Tuesday, I carried my suitcase the mile back to my apartment, switching hands every couple hundred feet or so.  

Though today was my rest day from working out it was definitely pretty hard which is exactly why I pushed myself to do it. 

I felt more pain and general tiredness in my left shoulder while carrying the suitcase. I assume that it has something to do with how much more involved my left shoulder reconstruction was. It has been that way through physical therapy and with the daily work that I try to tackle each day. 

Once Laura came home from work we headed out to grab dinner. It is a tradition of ours that when I return from a trip we go out for dinner so that we can hang out. 

I am looking forward to passing out a bit earlier tonight and getting to sleep in an extra hour tomorrow.  

Since I’ll be working from home tomorrow I don’t have to rush out to catch the 7:15a train so have set my alarm for an hour later than it has been this week. 

Tomorrow morning I’m looking forward to trying the pyramid legs workout again to see if I can improve my time and/or weights. I’m also looking forward to getting back to my mobilization work since I wasn’t able to do that while in Vegas.