Day 186: My First Speaking Engagement Since My Seizures

Since the dinner that I attended last night didn’t end until late and my room was unusually warm even though I had the AC on, I didn’t get a great night of sleep.

When I woke up I I decided to use the ARIA gym to help shake off the lack of sleep. While I would have preferred to go for a run along the Las Vegas Strip, I only had a short period of time to sneak in a cardio session.  

I completed 20 minutes of interval training on the treadmill which felt like torture. It’s amazing how much difference running on a treadmill versus running outside is for me.  

When I have to use a treadmill I run much slower and can barely get 20 minutes yet when I run outside I run much faster by an average of 3-4 minutes per mile and can go for longer. 

After attending a meeting I grabbed breakfast with my buddy Derek Schoen. It was the first time getting to catch up with him since my seizures and since he became a dad so that made for fun conversation. 

Once I finished catching up with Derek I headed over to the event that I was speaking at. Throughout the day people continued to come up letting me know how happy they were to see me in-person. It was similar to what happened when I was in Las Vegas and Santa Barbara last month for our sales-kick offs. 

It really means a lot to me to continually receive the outpouring of support that we have been so fortunate to receive. 

When it came time for my keynote I received a very humbling and touching introduction by the event emcee, Bernie Borges, that resulted in the entire room clapping for me. It was my first speaking engagement since my seizures and to receive an intro like that meant a lot to me. 

Following the event we had a networking reception and then I hosted a dinner along with an industry colleague. It was a nice way to bring the day to a close. 

Throughout both events the topic of my medical journey continued to come up. I never mind talking about what we have gone through and what the future holds with starting chemo. 

Tomorrow I head back home and right back to the office as soon as I land for a busy day of meetings.