Day 185: The Mile Suitcase Carry

Though I managed to sleep for around 6.75 hours, it was a rough night of sleep. 

As I was falling asleep I started playing back my seizures in my head but this time it was as if I was able to watch us go through everything. 

I could see Laura look over at me and start screaming. I could see myself foaming at the mouth and my eyes rolled back. I could see….and then I fell asleep.

The rest of the night I was restless even if it was only for a few seconds here and there until my alarm went off at 5:00a.

I went to the gym to knock out an arms and abs lifting session. Since my muscles still don’t have their former stamina and this gym doesn’t have heavy weights, I focused my lifting on slower lifts thus putting more tension on the muscles.

My workout this morning was:


- Alternating Dumbbell Bicep Curls (3 sets x 12 reps)
- Dumbbell Hammer Curls (3 sets x 12 reps)


- Tricep Pushdowns (3 sets x 12 reps)
- Skull Crushers (3 sets x 12 reps)


- Exercise Ball Sit-ups (25 reps)
- Alternating Dumbbell Side Bends (15 reps/side)

Even though that wouldn’t seem like a hard workout it did stress my muscles sufficiently. I am still limited until my license is reinstated and therefore have to make do with what is available. Either way, it should be enough to leave me sore over the next few days.

When I left for work this morning I carried my suitcase the mile to the light rail platform. The suitcase carry is a popular gym exercise typically performed with a dumbbell so I figured that I would test my stamina to see if I could make it the full mile.

I was able to carry the 15-20 lb suitcase the entire mile, switching hands every couple hundred feet. By the time I got to the platform I could have taken another shower because of how hot I was.

While riding the light rail I worked on updates to my Social Media Strategies Summit deck that I will be using tomorrow.

I had back-to-back meetings pretty much up to 30 minutes before I had to leave for the airport.

Living in the San Jose area means that I can fly out of SJC instead of SFO which allowed me to get from my office through rush hour traffic and to my gate in 30 minutes. 

This is less time than it would have taken me to get to SFO from our previous place never mind everything else that goes into flying.

Once I landed in Vegas I got checked into my hotel and sat down for a while before heading off to a dinner that I was invited to. It was nice to meet a number of new people tonight and spend time just chatting.

I’m planning on using the hotel gym before getting my day underway tomorrow. Now I have to make sure that actually happens since I am routinely terrible at waking up on time when I’m staying in a hotel