Day 184: Back to Waking Up Early to Workout

Staying up late to watch the Grammys coupled with my first morning waking up early again to workout meant that I didn’t get as much sleep as I would like.

While I didn’t wake up at 4:45a like I used to before my seizures, I did wake up at 5:15a. 

I wasn’t sure that I would get back to working out in the early morning but over the past few months I haven’t been able to consistently workout at night.

Laura has always been flexible with whatever fitness schedule I have wanted to try but now that we’re both going back to our offices, spending time together at night is important to me.

It was hard to get myself out of bed and turned over but once I did I headed over to the gym for a quick cardio workout.

It was still dark out and I don’t have a great collection of reflective gear so it was to the treadmill I went.

Unfortunately, since I dragged my feet a bit this morning I was only able to run on the treadmill for 15 minutes.

I also had a deep cramp in my left calf from my workouts over the last few days which slowed me down.

Even though it wasn’t my strongest cardio session, it felt good to get my workout in before heading into the office.

Before coming back home to get ready for the day I did get through my shoulder mobility exercises which seemed to have come easier than in other days.

Since I have enjoyed it so much we decided that I would take the light rail daily unless something came up. That means that I will continue to get an extra 2 miles walking per day.

While on the train this morning I worked through pulling together almost an entire presentation that I needed for a meeting tomorrow thus giving me more time to tackle other priorities once I got to the office.

While I only had a few meetings today, I had several slide decks and other project work that I had to prepare.

It was nice to have one of my meetings be in a conference room that allowed me to stand. 

I still have to explore getting a stand-up desk installed at work. I’m not sure that my Varidesk (aff. link) will work with my desk setup at work so I need to contact our Facilities team to see what is possible.

Otherwise I am trying to make sure that I get up several times throughout the day for a quick walk around the floor.

Once I came home tonight I had to pack for my trip to Las Vegas since I am going to take Uber from my office tomorrow to the airport.