Day 182: Fitness, Movies and Shopping

After being so exhausted from the long week it was nice to fall asleep last night without setting an alarm. 

I was able to sleep for almost 8 hours without waking up once except for a split second when I would flip onto my sides due to the discomfort that I still feel in my shoulders.

I was planning on going for a run when I woke up this morning but it was still raining on/off.

Even though running in light rain is nice, I decided to use the treadmill at our gym for a 30 minutes running session of speed and incline intervals.

While working out I listened/watched a fantastic episode of the Spartan Up! podcast with Joe Desena interviewing Steven Pressfield.

Whether you’re into fitness or not it is well worth the 35 minutes to listen/watch this episode.

When I came back home I spent around 10 minutes working on toe and calf mobilizations since they were so tight from my cardio session.

Once I finished my mobilization work I tackled working through restoring the internal and external rotation in my shoulders.

I spent a bit continuing to read “Born to Run” which is about running ultra marathons. 

While I would never think about running an ultra it is insane reading about people who have and their mental training.

Before Laura and I left to explore for a bit I walked next door to CVS to pick up one of my anti-seizure medications.

It’s nice having a shopping plaza just a block away because, like walking to the light rail, it gives me an excuse to get extra exercise.

After walking around the mall for a while we went to see “American Sniper” which is the story about Chris Kyle, the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history.

I have read several military books over the years and the book on which the movie was based is still the best military book I have read. It is a book that I recommend often.

It gives you a deep appreciation for what those who protect us go through both mentally and physically.

Following the movie we tried searching for new furniture and lamps for our apartment but didn’t find anything we liked so will continue looking in the coming weeks.

When we got back home we chose to finish hanging out by watching a movie.

Tomorrow will be spent running errands, searching for a new trail to walk (hopefully) and working on projects around here like figuring out how to mount the TVs on the walls.