Day 179: My First Experience with the Light Rail

The majority of last night was spent waking up to shift then falling back asleep then waking back up because Darren jumped up on the bed. Though I did get some deep sleep it was a fairly light night of sleep for me.

I was “on call” for work last night due to some things we were dealing with so I had to sleep with my phone next to the bed with the ringer turned on. Even though I have most of my notifications turned off, it did mean being awoken throughout the night by the few that I still have turned on.

Instead of having Laura drive me to work this morning I decided to try taking the light rail to work since it drops off right next to my office. 

It was a mile walk to the station and then for the next hour I had WiFi so I reviewed a report and processed a bit of email before ever getting to my office.

One frustration was that instead of giving me back $18 in cash the machine gave me 18 dollar coins. I’m not someone who likes carrying change so that was a learning lesson for me.

Google Maps had a bit of a hiccup on the way home so it told me to get on a train that ended up being an express train that skipped my stop. I had to get off 2 stops later, wait for the next train and then track back my stop. 

That added an additional 25-30 minutes but I’ll chalk that one up to being a first-timer on the light rail system.

I decided not to workout tonight because throughout the day I could feel my triceps getting sore and also some tightness in the outside of my shoulders.

After not working out in nearly a month between the renovation in our old community and travel I may have pushed my shoulders a little harder last night. 

I’ll likely give them a couple days off before going back to the gym on Friday. From there I’ll start getting myself back into a sustainable routine.

I desperately need to continue working on my internal and external shoulder rotation. I have been trying to do a bit of it here and there but need to get back to dedicated time spent on daily shoulder mobilization work.

With the craziness of the last 3 weeks I’m trying not to be hard on myself for a few things falling out of routine but now need to snap back and hone my focus.