Day 176: The Patriots Win the Super Bowl!

Last night was our first night sleeping in our new apartment. By the time we went to sleep I crashed hard and slept through the entire night.

I woke up around 6:50a a bit confused where I was but quickly realized that we had moved. 

We ended up getting the day going relatively early since we had errands to run and wanted to tackle more unpacking before/after the Super Bowl.

We found a Target closer to where we live than the one we visited a couple of weeks ago. 

We had a large list of things that we had either thrown out during the move or needed with the new apartment. It’s amazing how that happens every time, isn’t it?

Shopping in a new store can be a bit of a jarring experience but also fun at the same time to explore a new layout.

On our way home we stopped at the grocery store. It was our first time going grocery shopping in over 3 weeks due to travel so we had a very full cart by the time we finished.

Usually we cook a great menu of homemade snacks for the Super Bowl including buffalo wing sliders, french fries and more but since today was our first full day in our apartment we opted for snacks.

I’m a sucker for pre-game coverage even if it is the same thing repeated over and over again so I always enjoy watching the Super Bowl pre-game show.

While I was disappointed by the Super Bowl ads this year, the game and half-time show were incredible!

It was a close game throughout much of it until the craziness of the final few plays. Whether you’re a Patriots or Seahawks fan you should be proud of your team.

I thought that Katy Perry redefined what a half-time show could be using a number of really creative ideas.

Since I haven’t been able to workout in 3 weeks with the exception of running the 5K early last week, I decided to run the stack of boxes that we had down to our new basement where the recycling bins are instead of taking the elevator.

By the time I was done I think I ran the 4 flights of stairs around 5-6 times for a total of 20-24 flights of stairs. I tried to use high knees while running up them to make it even harder.

If there’s one benefit to living on the 3rd floor it is that I can take the stairs to get in even more activity including more steps.

My shoulders were sore this morning when I woke up and I anticipate they’ll be sore tomorrow after running those boxes downstairs but they continue to feel increasingly stronger.

I am hoping to use our new community gym at some point this coming week so that I can test out my shoulders using weights for the first time in several weeks.

We are almost completely unpacked though there are still a few boxes to go through. It has been wonderful having my mother-in-law here because she is being extremely helpful in the process.

Now that we have moved we will begin the next steps in preparing to start chemo next month including the blood tests and fertility clinic visit. 

We’ll probably start working on that next week after we get completely unpacked and my mother-in-law heads back to CT.

Tomorrow will be my first day going into my office in nearly a month and will signal my first time in 4 years going into my office consistently.

From the day I first joined Citrix 4 years ago I have always worked remotely. When I moved to the Bay Area 3.5 years ago I would go into the office between 2-4 times per month, averaging about once per week.

I am excited to have the flexibility of going into the office or working from home now since we live so closer. When we lived in Marin County it wasn’t that flexible since it took so long to get down to the office.