Day 175: Moving Down to San Jose

This morning started earlier than usual for a Saturday since we had several things to finish before the movers arrived at 8:30a. 

As I did yesterday I pushed my shoulders harder than Laura or her mom felt comfortable with.  

Honestly, the past 2 days I have gone far outside of what my orthopedic surgeon would be happy with but it needed to be done so I had to deal with the discomfort and soreness. 

The moving team was far beyond our expectations managing to move our entire apartment into the truck in under 2 hours. Once the apartment was packed up we headed down to San Jose. 

Since my license still hasn’t been restored yet I rode with my mother-in-law and Sasha while Laura took Darren in our other car.  

Beyond my mother-in-law flying in to help us pack and unpack, we also needed her to help by driving down one of the vehicles since I couldn’t do it. 

The movers were able to move everything in within around 2 hours including taking a short break for lunch. We had run out to pick them up grinders from down the street. 

If you’re ever planning on using movers ensure that you have bottled water, breakfast and lunch for them - that is in addition to providing them with a tip. It will go a long way with the movers! 

All in all I can’t complain since we were able to move out of our old apartment, drive ~60 miles to our new apartment and completely move in within 8 hours. 

As soon as the movers left Comcast arrived to install cable and internet. Of course I couldn’t go more than a couple of hours without internet being set up and had to ensure that everything was ready before the Super Bowl tomorrow. 

We weren’t planning on getting cable since we had cut the cord a while ago however Comcast was offering a deal where cable was essentially free with the internet package.  

Couple that with doubling our hard-line internet speeds and it was nearly impossible to pass up. 

We have spent the rest of the evening unpacking, trying to get as much done as possible before the Super Bowl and the work week gets underway. 

As the day winds down my shoulders are feeling exhausted. I have pushed them very hard over the past couple of days - we’ll see how I feel tomorrow when I wake up.