Day 174: The Rush to Get Packed

It was wonderful sleeping in my own bed last night. I passed out hard and only woke up once through the night, sleeping around 8.25 hours.

As soon as we woke up around 7:00a we got started with packing. Since we only had today to get it all done we didn’t want to waste any time. 

It was a rough day for my shoulders since many of the boxes were very heavy even for a normal person but I managed to do it and my shoulders held up. 

Several times throughout the day I took breaks for a few minutes to give my shoulders a break or to stretch them. 

I probably pushed them harder than I should have but I also needed to ensure that we finished everything today.  

Laura and my mother-in-law continually told me to be careful but I was a bit more stubborn than usual today.  

I never pushed my shoulders hard enough that I felt uncomfortable or worried about injuring them again, though. 

I am happy to say that by around 7:30p tonight we had completed the majority of our packing with only the miscellaneous or last-minute things to pack tomorrow morning once the movers start hauling boxes and furniture out. 

With all of the trips back and forth to the dumpster area I was able to log 11,000+ steps today even though my diet was terrible since we don’t have any food left in our place. 

Tomorrow we’re planning on getting up early to get the movers bagels and water before they’re scheduled to arrive at 8:30a.  

It’s supposed to take them around 2-3 hours to pack everything before we leave for San Jose.  

Once we get down to San Jose it should be another 2-3 hours to unpack followed by having the internet installed later in the day. 

Today has been a very long but successful day. Though I stayed determined that we would get everything accomplished today, it was still a daunting task.