Day 173: Spending Time with Friends

As I was trying to watch TV last night I couldn’t keep my eyes open so called it an early night. 

While I didn’t remember to set my UP band before falling asleep I do know that I fell asleep by 9:30p and woke up around 6:15a.

The morning started with an inspirational keynote by our president and CEO Mark Templeton.

While I have watched him speak several times and have had the honor of talking with him, every time it feels like the first time. 

Today wasn’t quite as much of a blur as yesterday was but it was still busy trying to fit in a few meetings in between the sessions.

After the event came to an end I met Lisa Horner and David Baeza for drinks. 

They are who brought Chris Brogan and our team into Citrix when we originally launched and who recruited me over to the company.

Though Lisa and I had grabbed dinner earlier this week, it was the first time that I have seen David since my seizures.

We were later joined by a couple of other friends who were in town for the event so it made for a nice evening to unwind after an extremely busy week.

My mother-in-law landed after her flights earlier this week had been canceled due to the blizzard that hit the Northeast.

Before I came home Laura and her mom spent some time packing though the real packing will be all-day tomorrow since the movers are coming at 8:30a on Saturday.

Fortunately there were no delays or issues with my flight. We even landed a few minutes early which allowed me to get on an earlier bus home.

As always Sasha lost her mind when I walked in the door and hasn’t stopped since I came home.

While there are many things that make me smile, being tackled by Sasha is certainly one of them that brings a big smile to my face.

After 3 straight weeks of traveling including vacation I am happy to be home for the next 1.5 weeks.

Las Vegas was my first business trip since my seizures. We learned a lot leading into that trip and then even more over the 3 weeks of traveling.

I am happy with how my shoulders handled the traveling especially the longer flights.

Now we shift our focus onto moving for the next 48 hours. Even though it will take a couple of weeks to unpack we have to be honed in on getting packed tomorrow and then the initial move down to our new apartment on Saturday.