Day 172: Putting on My Suit Jacket

I never sleep well while traveling, usually tossing and turning several times throughout the night. 

For most people that wouldn’t be a problem but it caused me to wake up briefly several times throughout the night because I’m still feeling slight discomfort in my shoulders when I lay on them. 

As I was getting dressed this morning I questioned whether I’d be able to put on the same suit jacket that I couldn’t get on when I was in Las Vegas 2 weeks ago. 

Though it wasn’t easy and took a bit of wiggling around, I was able to put it on without anyone’s help. 

That little win made me feel really good especially as I’ve been trying to work on my mobility more the past couple of days. 

Today turned into a blur of keynote presentations, tackling a couple of high priority projects and then co-presenting a presentation 4 times in a row over a 2 hour period. 

Throughout the day I continued to run into more friends and colleagues who I haven’t seen since my seizures happened.  

Without fail, every time they gave me a hug, expressed how happy they were to see me and offered their help.  

People told me about how they were waiting the night of my brain surgery until we published the post-surgery photo, saying that it was a relief once they saw it. 

Whenever I hear that it makes me happy that we were able to post that photo that night. I know that seeing that photo helped many people. 

It really is a great feeling knowing that you work at a company which is truly like a family. 

Though we have a work party tonight I came back to my room to get some work done and rest for the night.  

While it would have been nice to hang out with friends, after today’s craziness ordering room service, watching TV and relaxing sounded like a better option. 

I had to use a hanger to help take off my suit jacket but I was still able to take it off myself which was yet another small win. 

As I was scrolling through my Instagram photos tonight it brought the memories and feelings racing back.  

I am happy that we have been documenting this journey so that I am able to look back at it from time to time.