Day 169: Flying Back Home

Since we didn’t fall asleep until around 2:15a and had to get up at 6:30a I was only able to sleep for 4.25 hours.

After getting ready we said our goodbyes and headed off to JFK for our flight back to SFO. 

Though the flight to JFK from UVF didn’t seem so long, the flight to SFO felt like it lasted forever. I’m guessing that is due to how tired I am getting around 50% of the sleep I’m used to. 

I tried to stretch my shoulders while flying to keep them loosened up.  

While I didn’t spend as much time as usual over the last two weeks stretching my shoulders I am trying to grab little segments of time throughout the day.  

I need to do better at it while traveling this week and during the craziness of our move. 

Another area that I have to be careful with is regularly taking my medications when I’m traveling. 

As someone who has never consistently taken medication, being back on the road has been interesting. Before every trip I have to count out what I will need while traveling.  

I have even had to call in my meds early because I was scheduled to run out while midway during a trip. 

Certainly not a serious part of my recovery but yet another one of those changes that affects a part of my life that I hadn’t had to think about before. 

Previously I would take vitamins and supplements with me on most of my trips but if I forgot it would only throw me slightly off track with my fitness regimen, not possibly expose me to having another seizure.  

When we got back to our house Sasha charged me at full speed making her typical high pitch bark when I first come home from a trip. It was really good to see her and Darren after a week away. 

Tonight we ordered Chinese food, popped in a movie and just vegged out since we’re both exhausted and Laura has come down with a major head cold, possibly from me. 

I’m hoping that with a solid night of sleep back in my own bed for the first time in two weeks that I will wake up feeling recharged.  

Tomorrow will be a busy day of catching up before having to fly down to Santa Barbara tomorrow evening for the next 4 days.