Day 168: Meeting Our Niece for the First Time

I slept well again last night even though it was windy and there was a party onshore that was going on until the early morning. 

We brought the boat back in this morning, did our final checks and started the 1.5 hour trek back to the airport.  

While we were in the taxi I spent some of the time working through shoulder mobilization.  

Along the way we found out that our flight had been delayed. Unfortunately it wasn't until we were already at the airport that we learned about the storm in the Northeast.  

It turned out to be a long 3.5 hours sitting in a very small and congested airport.  

When we finally boarded our flight there were only approximately 55 people on board so we were able to really stretch out. 

While watching a movie I spent more time stretching out my shoulders.  

I'm having some ongoing deep tissue pain on the inside of my left shoulder. I can't quite pinpoint it.

But I also know that our orthopedic surgeon said that it will take another 4-6 months to fully heal.  

We arrived at JFK around 9:00p and got into Manhattan by 11:00p or so. 

It was our first time meeting our first niece. I had the chance to hold her for a while as she slept. And yes, we did take several photos which I'll post soon.  

We stayed with them around 12:30a before heading to our hotel.

It's already 1:30a but hopefully that will help with getting my body back on PST. 

As our vacation comes to an end I am really happy that we were able to go.  

Tomorrow I'll start getting focused on my daily mobilizations, working out and getting ready for everything that lays ahead for us.