Day 167: Our Final Day of Sailing

I slept well last night...about as well as you can sleep on a sailboat but it was still decent sleep. 

My cold has continued to go away so I was able to actually breath through my nose last night.  

Hurting shoulders, not being able to breath through your nose, a rocking boat and a hard mattress do not make for great sleeping conditions.  

I didn't wake up with my shoulders hurting, I was able to breath through my nose and the boat was still all night.  

We hustled out of Marigot Bay this morning and spent a few hours sailing as we worked our way upwind.

Today was the best day for wind that we've had all week so that made it fun.  

We anchored back in Rodney Bay so that tomorrow morning we're only a few minutes from docking the boat.  

We have a 10:00a pick-up time for the taxi since it takes around 1.5 hours to get back to the airport.

We didn't want to be too far south and have to race to get back up to return the boat. This will help us to have a relatively easy morning. 

After going ashore for pizza, gelato  and to buy some gifts tonight we came back to the boat so that we can pack and do the first pass through ensuring that we have everything ready.  

It has been an amazing week in St. Lucia with Laura and our family.

It was a vacation that just a few months ago we weren't sure that we were going to make it on. But, we stayed focused on the recovery and I continued to push myself with my physical therapy to ensure that I'd be strong enough to travel here.  

February will bring about more changes and a lot of preparation for starting chemotherapy in March.  

We now prepare to travel to New York tomorrow. We will spend the night there so that we can see my sister-in-law, brother-in-law and niece before traveling back to San Francisco on Sunday.