Day 165: Going Snorkeling

It was hard to sleep last night between coughing, the boat rocking and the sound of the ropes along the mooring ball.

It was windy last night thus causing the additional rocking and rope noise.

If you've never been on a boat that is moored or anchored when it is windy it can be an interesting experience of slowly spinning around. 

I woke up feeling even worse this morning so I decided to take some DayQuil to help relieve my symptoms.  

Since we are staying at the Pitons again tonight we decided to have a play day today.  

My father-in-law went scuba diving this morning while we hung out on the boat.  

While waiting for him to come back I took some time to work through shoulder mobility exercises including using the TheraBand tied to one of the boat posts.  

Once my father-in-law came back we went ashore for lunch and to go snorkeling. 

I was a bit fearful since I wasn't sure how my shoulders would do.

Even though you're not supposed to use your arms when snorkeling, I was concerned being farther offshore in case something happened.

It was also only third time snorkeling so it's not something that I have a lot of experience with. 

Fortunately nothing happened and it was an amazing snorkeling experience.  

We came back to the boat to hang out for a while before dinner.

I jumped back into the water with fins on again to enjoy amazingly blue water. I tried swimming again, this time feeling even more comfortable with swimming normally though it did tire my shoulders out quickly again. 

We did shoot a video but there was a lot of background noise so we're going to try shooting another one tomorrow morning.  

It was hard to climb up the ladder since it relies on shoulder strength to get up the first couple of steps but I was able to do it without any help.  

Unfortunately while we were cooking dinner I went down below for something and wasn't thinking so I planted my hand wrong sending a shooting pain into my left shoulder.  

After about 15 minutes of massaging my shoulder and stretching it the pain went away. 

As the day winds down I am enjoying one last beer before heading off to bed.

My shoulders are sore from the day but I am happy with how my shoulders have been holding up on vacation even when I push them harder like with swimming.  

We're planning on playing here tomorrow morning before heading back up to Marigot Bay.