Day 164: Publishing from My Phone Again

I made it to sleep earlier than the night before but it was a hard night of sleeping for me.  

It started to rain a couple of times throughout the night and I was laying right under our open hatch until we closed it.  

When I woke up I started feeling increasingly worse throughout the day.  I have had a scratchy throat since landing here but today a slight cough has started.  

I'm sure it is just a head cold setting in but I'm hoping that it doesn't get too bad while on vacation.   

After re-provisioning the boat we left Marigot Bat to head south to the Pitons.  

 We tried to bring up the sails but the winds were too squirrelly and not strong enough to sail. We eventually decided to drop the sails and motor to the Pitons. 

Once we arrived at the Pitons we went ashore for a few hours to hang out. There is a private resort with a small beach and a couple of restaurants that are in between the Pitons.  

When we came back to the boat we spent time swimming off the back of the boat. 

I again wore fins to help reduce the stress on my shoulders. However, this time I decided to push my shoulders by trying to swim as close to normal as possible.  

I couldn't quite get my arms over my head but was able to get them through the water partially overhead, partially sideways.  

That allowed me to swim fairly normal, which made everyone including me,  but my shoulders did exhaust quickly. 

We said that tomorrow I'm going to try swimming again so that we can capture it on video to upload and send to my orthopedic surgeon.   

It's hard to describe how beautiful the Pitons are. They jet out from the island up to 2,600-2,800 feet above sea level.  

We plan on staying here for another night or two before heading back North. We'll see how both my shoulders and head cold feel in the morning when I wake up.