Day 163: Sailing to Marigot Bay

The slight rocking of the boat made for great sleeping conditions last night. But, unfortunately, I woke up several times throughout the night. 

Though I’m not feeling pain in my shoulders anymore when I roll onto my sides at home, I am waking up anytime it happens on the boat.

That coupled with not making it to sleep until around midnight meant only getting 5.5 hours of interrupted sleep.

It’s been odd being on the boat because it is a 4 hour time difference so I’m falling asleep and waking up much earlier. So, even with going to sleep at midnight, it was only 8:00p at home. 

After breakfast the guys set out to explore Pigeon Island. We walked around the island for a bit before hiking to the top. Though the hike was hard at points the payoff was having a beautiful 360 degree view. 

We came back to the boat to play for a bit longer and have lunch before setting sail for Marigot Bay.  

Once we were far enough off shore we brought up the sails, cut the engine and started our first real sail of the week. Yesterday we tested the sails but that was about it. 

It took us a few hours of sailing to get to Marigot Bay. We navigated the channel and grabbed a mooring for the night. 

When we got to Marigot Bay I realized how swollen both of my feet are. It is something that I noticed yesterday and isn’t something that I have experienced before when we’ve been sailing. 

Tonight I’m going to sleep with my feet elevated in hopes of bringing down the swelling.  

I’m assuming it has something to do with the anti-seizure medications that I’m taking. 

My sister-in-law and her boyfriend went over to one of the hotels in the bay to explore it before coming back to get us because of how beautiful it was.  

We spent time over there hanging out at a swim up bar before coming back to the boat for dinner.  

While we were at the swim up bar my shoulders felt strong and I didn’t feel any pain when lightly floating around in the pool. 

We had dinner on the boat tonight…a simple and fast taco dinner. When you’re living on a boat for a week dinners tend to be easy dishes that don’t rely on many ingredients and can feed many hungry people. 

Once dinner was finished we went over to a highly rated restaurant on the other side of the marina to have drinks, listen to live music and enjoy the evening. 

It has been a fun second full day on the boat. Tomorrow we’ll be heading out from Marigot Bay and continuing south with a goal of visiting the Pitons.