Day 162: Our First Full Day on the Boat

After 20 hours of travel with broken sleep I fell asleep on the boat quickly last night even though there was a band playing on shore.

I slept hard getting around 7.75 hours of sleep before finally wrestling myself out of bed.  

Mornings on the boat are always wonderful because there are usually only a few of us awake and you can stare out as you listen to the water lap. 

Once everyone was awake we had breakfast and then ventured out to the grocery store to provision the boat before setting out from the dock. 

We decided to stay close to Rodney Bay so that we could come back in from the New England Patriots game tonight.  

We took the boat out to Pigeon Island which is only a 20-30 minute sail so that we could get a feel for how the boat handles.  

We wanted to dust off the rust of not having sailed in a while so we practiced catching a mooring line and other basic sailing moves. We then came in closer to Pigeon Island to anchor for the night.  

Before we headed back in for the football game we spent time just playing in the water. 

I wore fins while Laura and my father-in-law stood by on the edge of the boat while I tried swimming for the first time. 

I was able to successfully tread water and wearing the fins helped to keep me afloat.  

I did try to take a couple full strokes but felt soreness in my shoulders and didn’t want to push them too far. I was happy with just being able to play in the water for a while. 

There were other little wins today including climbing back onto the boat using the swim ladder and getting in and out of the dingy.  

Each time I had a lot of help around me just in case something went wrong but thankfully I was able to tackle it on my own. 

While we were getting ready for dinner we watched our first beautiful sunset while aboard the boat.  

By the time we got into shore we were able to catch the final few minutes of the Seahawks vs Packers game. We heard how much of a lop-sided 2nd half it had been and it was fun to watch the Seahawks win. 

We settled in for the Patriots vs Colts game while we enjoyed dinner, drinks and talking with a few people who were also at the restaurant for the game. 

When the score of the Patriots game got to be 45-7 we decided to head back to the boat. 

Tonight we are spending our first night anchored off shore and are looking forward to a fun day of hiking and sailing tomorrow.