Day 161: 20 Hours of Travel

Last night was rougher than I anticipated even with my sleep mask and taking a sleeping pill due to turbulence that lasted the majority of the flight. 

My UP 24 band says that I got around 3.5 hours of sleep but I really think it was more like 2.5 hours. 

We landed in NYC around 5:30a ET before boarding our flight to St. Lucia for a 8:30a ET flight. 

When we boarded our flight to NYC I didn’t have any pain in my shoulders lifting my backpack into the overhead bin.  

Unfortunately when we boarded our flight to St. Lucia I did feel a tweak in my left shoulder. It went away immediately but made me more reluctant when it came to pulling it down. However, walking while carrying my backpack didn’t cause me any pain. 

On our next flight I fell asleep before we even finished boarding. I fell asleep on/off for the 4.5 hours of the flight staying awake long enough to watch “The Equalizer” with Denzel Washington. 

During the flight I tried getting in some shoulder stretches to work on my range of motion even though my internal and external rotation is where I need to focus more of my attention. 

When we arrived in St. Lucia we had to take a taxi the 1.5 hours to the marina where the boat we’re renting is docked.  

Instead of provisioning the boat tonight we decided that we would take care of it tomorrow since we’re all so tired.  

Our entire trip took us approximately 20 hours total with minimal sleep. I am definitely looking forward to getting a good night of sleep tonight. 

Our first goal was for me to be healed enough to get back for Thanksgiving. Once we  knew that we would get back for Thanksgiving our next goal was to make it on this trip. 

As we sit on the front deck of our boat I feel deeply appreciative to have made it down here. I look forward to the next week of sailing, exploring and enjoying good food.