Day 160: And It's Off to St. Lucia

It was an early start to the morning so that I could get to the airport on time. I fell asleep before I could set my UP band but figure that I got around 6 hours of sleep.

I hadn’t really thought of it when I traveled to Las Vegas but my checked bag weighed 32.5 pounds. I just grabbed it like normal when it was time to leave on Monday. 

When walking through the hotel today I could feel a slight tweak in my left shoulder. But, a few minutes after checking my bag at the airport the feeling had gone away. 

As luck would have it my flight back home was delayed but fortunately only by 45 minutes.  

I had planned on reading during the flight back but I was far too tired so I just spent the flight listening to music with my eyes closed. 

Once back home I finished working through the “must be done before going on vacation” task list including powering up all of my electronics and other miscellaneous things. 

I transferred my mini-mobility kit into my vacation bag so that I can prioritize the mobilization work while we’re in St. Lucia, unlike what I was able to do while in Vegas this week. 

I also ensured that I packed the anti-seizure spray that our neuro-oncologist prescribed after my last seizure. 

I didn’t take it to Vegas with me because there would have been no one there to help me. However, just in case something happens while we’re on the boat I want to have it available. 

We bought SPF 50 lotion to protect my scars from the direct sunlight of being in the Caribbean. 

When we’re on sailing trips I usually wear a t-shirt since the sun is so hot but after talking with both our orthopedic surgeon and neurosurgeon they wanted me to have a strong SPF to use. 

Our red-eye flight to JFK departs around 9:15p PT tonight with an estimated arrival of 2:30a PT / 5:30a ET. I am hoping to put my sleep mask on and get a few hours of sleep but am counting on feeling sluggish in the morning. 

We have a 3 hour layover in New York once we land before another 5 hour flight to St. Lucia. It takes a long time to get to the Caribbean when you live in California! 

While all of the research that I have done shows that I will have phone service, you never know until you actually get onto the boat and cast off.  

As long as I have service then I will continue to publish daily, even if they are shorter updates.