Day 159: Final Day in Las Vegas

It was hard to wrestle myself out of bed this morning after not falling asleep until nearly 1:00a but I managed to do it by around 7:30a.

I thought it was going to be a relatively slow day but that changed quickly and my day ended up being consumed with meetings. 

Multiple people checked on me to see how I was feeling after going in the stock car last night and also bringing a long week in Vegas to a close.  

It is always meaningful to me when people check in on me, whether it be online or in-person. I appreciate people showing how caring they are. 

While several team members will still be here tomorrow, we concluded the week tonight with a team dinner bringing together the PR and Social teams to relax and celebrate a successful week. 

Though I have been walking a lot this week I haven’t gotten in a single workout and haven’t been getting in any mobilization work.  

I can feel the effects of it on my internal and external shoulder rotation which is the primary area that my orthopedic surgeon wants me to continue working on. 

It is something that I will need to fix as I transition from a work event to being on vacation. Even if it is only a few minutes per day I still need to get the work in. 

Tomorrow will be a long day starting with an early flight and ending by boarding an overnight flight…but at least that will be for vacation. 

As we get ready to head out on vacation I have been thinking about swimming for the first time since my shoulder surgeries.  

When we would use the pool in physical therapy I would always either stand, use a flotation device or hold on to the side of the pool for the various exercises. 

I haven’t tried wading or swimming so next week will be interesting to see how my shoulders react to it.