Day 155: Touring Our New Apartment

Last night I was more tired than usual after my run, hauling the wood and having an early dinner so we crashed early allowing me to get 9+ hours of sleep.

When I woke up my left calf was very sore so I wasn’t able to go for a run. With our community’s gym closed I didn’t have the ability to get in another type of workout.  

I’m planning on working out while I’m in Las Vegas this week since I will have access to a full gym. I have also packed a mini-mobility kit so that I can still work on my shoulder mobilizations. 

We went down to San Jose to take a tour of our new apartment. Since the Golden Gate Bridge was closed this weekend we had to get down to San Jose via the East Bay. Not nearly as pretty of a drive as I-280 S but we were able to get there with ease. 

After touring our apartment we ran a few of our normal errands to get a feel for where they would be once we live there.  

Following spending the day in San Jose we came back home so that I could pack for both this week’s trip to Vegas and our vacation on Friday.  

I want to make Friday’s turnaround as easy as possible. It’s not too hard to pack for a week on a boat. Dress clothes for this week. Bathing suits for vacation. 

After much discussion we decided that we won’t use a webcam for this week while I’m away. We will talk right before bed and as soon as I wake up.  

This is similar to what our normal routine is but usually there is more flexibility in that if one of us is going to sleep earlier than the other or has an early start to the morning.  

But, with this week it will be beyond just saying goodnight or good morning…it will be to ensure that I was safe overnight. 

As we start planning for vacation there is a possibility that I won’t be able to publish while I’m there.  

Since we stay on the boat we rent instead of at a resort I can never guarantee phone service. It is my hope that I will be able to use my phone as a hotspot but won’t know for sure until we depart next Sunday.