Day 154: Going for My Longest Run

I slept well last night though not as long as I had other nights this week but still thankful for getting 7 hours of sleep. I did wake up for a bit around 1:15a but was able to fall back asleep.

After waking up I went for a run along the water for what will likely be my last sunrise run, unless I decide to go tomorrow morning before Laura wakes up. 

I purposely slowed my pace from an average of 9:00 minutes/mile to 12:00 minutes/mile while pushing myself to go further. It’s amazing how much pace can be controlled by music. I used a slower radio station on Pandora that I have spent time curating and it was perfect. 

I ran a total of 4 miles including hills and an all-out sprint for the last 100 yards or so.  

It was the longest run (not walk) that I have gone for since my injuries. My shoulders started to ache around mile 3 since that is how far I have gone on previous runs.  

Beyond focusing on forefoot striking I also have been trying to consciously allow my shoulders to bounce in their socket. A few months ago my physical therapist said that it would help with healing so I have tried to be aware of it while running. 

Once Laura woke up we went out for breakfast at a local Italian cafe, enjoying a chocolate croissant, an apple tart and a ham and egg sandwich on a croissant. It was delicious and a fun way to relax after my run. 

We ran over to Home Depot to pick up boxes and other packing supplies so that Laura is able to get started while I’m traveling this coming week. 

When we came back home we started working through some other moving tasks that we wanted to get done this weekend.  

Since there won’t be much time for me to help out with the exception of the Friday before we move, I wanted to try getting through a few things. 

It also provided a bonus workout hauling firewood that we’re not taking with us to an area for other residents to pick it up.  

We cleaned up and then went to see “Taken 3”. It was exactly what I expected it to be: Liam Neeson kills everyone just like he did in the previous 2 movies. 

After the movie we went to a local restaurant for snacks, beer and to catch the 4th quarter of the New England Patriots game. It was a nail-biter but I’m really happy to see the Patriots heading back to the AFC Championship. 

We’ll be sailing in St. Lucia when the AFC Championship game is played so we will definitely be finding a bar to watch the game from. 

When we came back home I finished reading a preview copy of Christopher Penn’s new book “Marketing Blue Belt: From Data Zero to Marketing Hero”. It is a book that I highly recommend and one that I will be requiring my team to read. 

Depending on how my body feels when I wake up tomorrow will determine if I go for a run. Otherwise we’re planning on heading to San Jose to take a tour of our new apartment. We’re also going to run errands in the area so that we can begin to learn the area.  

Then it’s back home so that I can pack and get ready to head to Las Vegas on Monday morning.