Day 153: Last Minute Planning Before Traveling

After not sleeping well the previous night I crashed hard last night. I didn’t wake up once throughout the night, getting 8+ hours of sleep with around 4.5 hours of that being deep sleep.

Today turned into a crazy day filled with last-minute meetings and event prep. It was another day of back-to-backs before traveling on Monday.

There is a lot of planning and coordinating that goes into ensuring that an event like next week’s conference is successful. 

While it takes MANY team members to pull off an event this size, there is a lot that affects the communications teams so there is always last minute planning with ever-changing conditions.

On my first call of the day a colleague and friend of mine said that she had read last night’s update and said that she would help keep an eye on me in case anything goes sideways while I’m away from Laura. 

She joked that in addition to me checking in with Laura in the morning that she’s going to make me text her every morning so that she knows that I made it through the night. 

I’ve also had other team members and friends reach out that they’re going to have a watchful eye on me during the week. 

It’s really nice to work for a company that is more like an extended family than a group of people that work together.

We’re still figuring out if we want to set up a webcam or something just in case but it is great to know there are others who are willing to help in case I need help.

As I mentioned, I don’t think there will be any issues since our neuro team added an additional anti-seizure medication and then upped the level of it following a blood test. However it is good to have more eyes on then not.

In between the craziness that was my work day, we gave final notice to where we live now and fully signed our new lease so everything is a go!

We also took the time to set up our new utilities, new internet service and take care of everything else that was needed before going on vacation next Friday since we technically take responsibility for the apartment on Monday, January 19th.

Tonight Laura made filets, asparagus, Brussels sprouts and mashed white sweet potatoes using non-fat Greek yogurt as sour cream.

We wanted to just enjoy a relaxing night after the craziness of this week so while enjoying dinner we watched “Sex Tape” which turned out to be a fun movie.