Day 152: Talking Through Sleeping Alone

Last night was a rough one. It was like one of those nights where you’re worried about oversleeping for an early morning flight so you wake up every couple of hours checking the clock. It was far too warm in our bedroom for some reason and that always leads to me not sleeping well. 

I slept for a total of just over 6 hours, waking up 2 times, getting barely over 2 hours of deep sleep and finally waking up around 4:45a. 

We had an easy commute down to the Santa Clara/San Jose area this morning with no traffic and a beautiful sunrise as we were pulling onto the Citrix campus. 

Before diving into a busy work day I took time to research additional flights for my mother-in-law.  

After finishing that I read through our 40-page lease. No, that is not a typo. It was 40-pages long. I skimmed a few non-relevant sections but otherwise I read through the majority of it. I do not recommend doing such tasks before 8a when it can be avoided. 

The majority of my day was spent in meetings and preparing before our partner and sales kick off event next week. With going on vacation directly after the conference I am also having to fit in a few meetings this week that couldn’t be pushed out for a few weeks. 

We were able to make it back home with relative ease. After stopping at home quickly we went out to say our goodbyes to one of our favorite bartenders. She is moving to San Diego in 2 months and we won’t see her again before we move. 

My shoulders have felt good today. I didn’t feel any soreness even when reaching across my body, which is one movement where I have felt ongoing soreness. 

As I prepare to travel on Monday one thing that Laura and I are concerned about is me being alone in my hotel room at night.  

Since my last seizure our neuro team put me on an additional medication and then increased the level after running a blood test. So there should be no worries about a seizure actually happening but it will also be the first time I have slept alone since I went into the hospital. 

It are these little situations that we now worry about or take time to think through. We have dealt with or know the right steps to take for serious situations such as another seizure. But, something like sleeping alone for the first time brings about a conversation and takes some planning.  

With not getting a good night’s rest last night, it’s off to read for a bit and then, hopefully, crash hard tonight before several meetings tomorrow to close out the week.