Day 151: Checking in with My Physical Therapist

Even though I got under 3 hours of deep sleep I was still able to get north of 7 hours of overall sleep. For the first time in a long while I woke up in the middle of the night.

After an early meeting we took some time to finalize more of our move with the leasing office. There was back and forth on different forms, proof of income and other basic paperwork. We now have the lease to sign which I tried doing today but kept getting an error while trying to digitally sign after a specific page. 

The work day was a standard mix of meetings, project work and working through a few contracts.  

It was great catching up with Thomas Edwards today. He’s a dear friend of mine and someone who I have supported since he originally told me his idea 6-7 years ago of being a real-life wingman (read: Hitch). 

I had a quarterly business review with our partners at Twitter. I was fortunate to have them drive to a coffee shop near where I live so that I could walk there instead of trying to get to their San Francisco office. 

I think I have mentioned it before but today was another instance of me being grateful to not only have fantastic partners at Twitter but also friends. Thank you to Alexandra Syme and Jason Rand for everything. 

Once we finished our meeting I walked across the parking lot to pop my head in at my physical therapist’s office to update him following our appointment earlier in the week with the orthopedic surgeon. If it wasn’t for his help I wouldn’t have healed as fast as I have. 

There is still a lot more work to do over the next 3 months to restore the internal and external rotation in my shoulders while also continuing to improve my range of motion but the physical therapy helped me get to this point in the past 16 weeks. 

Since the community gym is now closed for construction work I had to design a workout that I could at home tonight. I wanted to focus on arms and abs as much as possible so I decided to complete the following workout: 

  • 10 rounds - Pushups, crunches, alternating exercise band curls (10-12 lb band)
  • 30 seconds work (AMRAP - as many reps as possible) x 30 seconds rest 

In around 27 minutes I was able to accomplish the following totals: 

  • Pushups: 115
  • Crunches: 223
  • Curls: 161
  • Total: 499 reps

I finished my workout with a 1:02 plank but couldn’t hold it for any longer because my upper body was so torched. 

Tomorrow should be my last early morning drive to Santa Clara since I will be traveling next week, on vacation the following week, traveling the week after and then moving down to that the weekend that I get back. While the drive down isn’t too bad, the drive back home is typically soul crushing because of how long it takes.