Day 150: Finding a New Apartment

It was nice getting north of 8 hours of sleep last night, hitting another 5-day streak this morning. I have my UP app goal set at 7 hours so when I mention hitting new streaks it is all based on whether I received a minimum of 7 hours.

Tuesdays are a meeting heavy day for me. I was in back-to-back meetings from 8:30a-12:30p before I finally had a chance to take a breath. 

When I jumped off of those meetings Laura called her mom to chat about our upcoming move. We are fortunate to have her mom flying out to help us with packing/unpacking. Since she was still in NYC with Laura’s sister, our brother-in-law and our new niece, I did some research to find her flights out here.

Unfortunately due to a number of factors I will be traveling until approximately 36 hours before we move. And with my upcoming schedule I only have this weekend available before we move.

But, I am happy that yesterday we finally chose our next apartment. We have been searching for a while and after looking at around 10 different properties we selected this one. 

We were able to secure it at a great price, a price that is significantly less than where we live now but comes with a second bedroom and full second bathroom (we have 1.5 bathrooms now). 

The second bedroom will not only provide us a place for guests but also a full office when I work from home. For the last 4 years of working remotely full-time I haven’t had a private office, primarily using a section of our living room where we live now. 

With the move down south I will be be in my office probably 3 days per week and work from home the other 2 days per week.

It is our hope and plan that within the next 2 years that we will purchase our first home, as long as life doesn’t throw us any more curveballs.

After another meeting I was able to tackle some work and also secure our moving company. Due to my shoulders I will not be able to move anything heavy this time so we have hired a moving company to help us out. It will also save us a lot of stress so they will be worth every dollar.

Once the work day came to a close I jumped into my workout clothes setting out for a 1/4 mile jog followed by 10 hill runs at 90-95% and a 1/4 mile jog back home. For the final 100 yards or so I ran at full speed to fully exhaust my legs and push my body. Even though it only took 20 minutes it completed toasted my body. 

My shoulders are feeling great today even though I haven’t really worked on mobility exercises. I may try working through a few mobility exercises later tonight but have a goal of finishing a book that I’m nearly done with before falling asleep tonight