Day 149: My Shoulders Fully Accepted the Bone Graphs

With the holiday season now officially behind us I was happy to start off the work week by getting 7.75 hours of sleep with 4+ hours of deep sleep last night.

While I thoroughly enjoy the holidays, I loved getting back to a healthy breakfast included an egg-white, grape tomatoes and spinach scramble along with non-fat Greek yogurt and blueberries. 

After breakfast we had our follow-up appointment with the orthopedic surgeon. I had to get another round of x-rays taken to see how my shoulders are healing.  

Once the doctor came in he told us that my shoulders had fully accepted the bone graphs that were used to rebuild them. That was the best news of the morning! 

He wasn’t concerned about the deep muscle soreness that I continue to feel because he said it can take up to a full year to completely heal.  

Also, he was happy with my range of motion so much so that he took a few photos of my arms above my head so that he can use it in drafting a medical journal article. But, he wants me to continue working on internal and external rotation because my shoulders are still tight. 

I was reminded not to lift heavy weights, telling me to stick to 12 lb dumbbells or lighter. With the exception of front and side raises I am already past that weight but I do understand his warnings. 

We have to see him in another 3 months for another follow-up. I’m determined to ensure that my internal and external rotation has greatly improved by then. 

The work day was busy working on admin tasks, following up with my team and starting to work through 2015 initiatives while putting a bow on everything from 2014. I was fortunate enough to not have any meetings today since everyone was getting back up to speed. 

We confirmed March 2nd for the next MRI and our follow-up with the neuro-oncologist to start the chemo treatment. We’ll have a number of things to do in February to prep for starting chemo after we get through my 2 business trips, vacation and moving.  

It was nice to have that date set since it was what we were shooting for but were unsure if we would be able to schedule it for that date.  

Now we’re just trying to schedule the follow up with the neurologist for the same day while we’re at UCSF. 

Sasha got to go for a car ride to see the vet today. Whereas most pets don’t like going to the vet, Sasha gets really happy when she goes there and their staff is great so it makes it a fun experience. 

Tonight for dinner Laura made jerk turkey burgers with non-fat Greek yogurt as a topping, sweet potato chips and broccolini. Another healthy and delicious dinner. 

It’s off to go read for a bit before crashing for a day full of meetings tomorrow.