Day 146: Squat Jumps & Celebrating Laura's Birthday

After plowing through another fitness book so quickly I picked back up “Money Master the Game” (affiliate link) last night before bed and read that for a while before falling asleep. At 600 pages it is one of those books where you read for 20 minutes and it has only moved 1-2% in the Kindle reader. 

I was able to get around 7.5 hours of sleep last night before I could hear Sasha and Darren getting restless.  

When we’re in our regular schedule we wake up with an alarm at 6:30-6:45a but for most of the last 2 weeks I’ve been getting up around 7-7:30a without an alarm. That usually gets the little ones a bit cranky so they team up to get me out of bed. 

Once I took care of them I went to our community's gym to work on my shoulder mobility and to get in my workout. 

Typically I try to work out my legs on Fridays. Today I wanted to work my legs while testing my metabolic conditioning. 

I decided to do 100 squat jumps for time. It took me 3:29 minutes and I was more destroyed than a 30-45 minute lifting session. For those that don't know what a squat jump is, here is a quick video:

It’s fun to throw different workouts at your body to test yourself. Going from a 7 mile walk yesterday to 100 squat jumps today helps to keep my body guessing (and very sore). 

I also like designing workouts that don’t solely rely on weights or other gym equipment so that I’m not reliant on it to get in a workout. For example, today we received a notice that the gym will be closed starting on Monday while they work on the new community center. 

With us moving in around 4 weeks and me not have my license reinstated that means that my workouts will need to utilize the resistance bands that I have or other equipment that is readily available.  

By the way, if you ever want to see someone who does insane bodyweight workouts, check out Stephen Navaretta on Instagram. You’ll be amazed. 

Before heading back home I took a short 10-15 minute walk to the grocery store down the street from our house to buy flowers for Laura’s birthday. She was still sleeping by the time I got home so they were a nice surprise for her this morning. 

In past years I would pick them up when I was on my way home from the gym but this year I had to get a bit more resourceful. 

It was the least that I could do for someone who has gone through every step of this journey with me. This has never been a “me” battle but, rather, an “us” battle. And for the 7 weeks that her mom lived with us, that “us” included her as well. 

She slept at my bedside in an uncomfortable convertible couch for 12 nights.  

She worked full-time while coming home to take care of things throughout the day that her mom couldn’t help with (e.g. help me going to the bathroom).  

Laura has been there for me when I’ve had my weak moments, when I’ve been scared and when I’ve gone through the worse pain or frustrations that I could imagine. 

And several other instances of her being there for us as we’ve had to face each new hurdle. 

Today was a chance to shine the spotlight on her. To celebrate her and to say thank you. 

Since neither of us had the day off of work today we both had to put our heads down for a while and tackle a number of things. Today was another slower day in my world so I used it to get a few things done that had been sitting on my to-do list for months now. They were always those tasks that keep getting moved out to another week. It felt good to get those actually checked off. 

To celebrate Laura’s birthday we went to Spruce in San Francisco. It was a decadent meal with drinks made to perfection. The entire staff’s precision to detail left us very happy. They even gave Laura a birthday card and a dessert with a candle in it. 

As the day winds down I can’t help but think that tomorrow is Monday. It has been happening to me for the last 2 days. In the car ride home tonight I couldn’t figure out why the radio DJs were playing club mixes on, what I thought, was a Monday night. It will feel weird to wake up tomorrow and have it be Saturday.