Day 145: Welcome to 2015!

After staying up, unexpectedly, until 12:30a last night to bring in 2015, I was still able to get around 6.5 hours of sleep before Sasha and Darren wrestled me out of bed.

While Laura slept in I polished up my three words article. It’s always fun for me to spend time on January 1st reading through what words others are selecting to guide their year. 

With both of us having the day off today we spent a few hours just reading. I was able to finish the book that I bought yesterday, giving me a chance to switch my focus to a couple other books I’m currently reading. 

Once it had warmed up a bit we started off the new year by going for a 6.9 mile walk that took us just over 2 hours at a 18:45 minute/mile pace.  

It was really nice since usually Thursdays we’re down in the San Jose area at our offices and therefore unable to get in a workout.  

When we got back home both of my achilles and feet were sore. I took time to work on restoring mobility to both areas, feeling much better after I was done. 

Both lunch and dinner were just trucking through the leftovers from the last few days so that when we get out of holiday mode we can get back to eating well without having to throw out too much. 

Being back from our walk we have been spending the evening just relaxing while reading and watching a bit of TV. 

Also, while hanging out I am thinking through what my workout will be tomorrow. I constantly vary my workouts to continually shock my muscles. 

I hope that your New Year’s Day was filled with relaxation and fun!