Day 143: Looking Back

Before falling asleep last night I went through the photos, emails, messages and comments from the night I went into the hospital through those initial weeks post-brain surgery. I have saved all of them so that I can look back at them often.

As I went through everything I couldn’t help but be brought to tears by how caring and thoughtful everyone was. 

I am fortunate and thankful to have such a group of friends, family, colleagues and community who so quickly mobilized to support us through everything.  

The journey is certainly not over yet as evidenced by having another seizure about a month ago and starting chemotherapy in March but so much of life now has turned into a fairly normal routine, even with taking medications, going for blood work, MRIs and ongoing doctors’ appointments. 

I was able to sleep more than 8 hours last night even though I woke up a couple of times during the night, hitting a 7-day streak. 

My morning got off to a busy start with 3 hours of back-to-back meetings before getting a chance to get settled for the day. 

Those meetings would turn out to be my final ones of 2014 since I ended up canceling my other 2 meetings for the day, one of them due to losing power from the high winds in the Bay Area. 

Though I typically workout on Tuesdays I took today off to give my shoulders a day to heal since I’m still feeling soreness in my left shoulder.  

I did take some time during meetings and tonight to stretch my shoulders in an effort to work on my range of motion.  

With no meetings scheduled for tomorrow I’m planning on focusing time on mobility, doing a test/re-test for shoulder range of motion.  

I will be back in the gym tomorrow to hit arms. I have been able to increase weight the last couple of weeks and hoping for another strong day tomorrow. It may be hard since my diet has been in holiday mode for the last 1.5 weeks. 

Tonight I took time to add my 2015 goals into Evernote and then the next action items into Todoist. Goals and resolutions are nothing unless you take steps to achieving them.  

Every year when I set my goals I set next actions to achieving them immediately with a goal of making as much progress early in the year as possible. With some of my goals this isn’t possible because they’ll take place later in the year. 

I have honed in on my 3 words for 2015 and will be spending time tomorrow drafting my post, scheduled to go live on January 1st. In previous years I would publish them on my personal blog but this year I plan on publishing them here.