Day 142: A Bad Dream of Being Back in the Hospital

I was able to get another 8 hours of sleep last night though it was another night of getting less than 3 hours of deep sleep.

I had a bad dream that I had woken up in the hospital again. It took a while for me to realize that I was at home in bed when I woke up and hadn’t been back to the hospital. 

It was the first morning in a while that I woke up without feeling in my right hand. When I first came home from the hospital this was a nightly occurrence but had slowly gone away. 

Today was a normal, though quieter, day of work. I only had a couple of meetings since so many people are still celebrating the holidays. The ongoing lack of meetings and onslaught of emails allowed me to continue tackling the remaining end of the year tasks. 

I have been experiencing some pain in my left shoulder today. It could be soreness from yesterday’s workout, the cold front coming in overnight or just a rough day in the healing process.  

The pain didn’t stop me from doing anything, but just something I could feel when moving my shoulder through its range of motion. 

With one week before our next appointment with our orthopedic surgeon I have been trying to increase the range of motion in my shoulders even more aggressively. 

I’m hoping that he doesn’t order another round of physical therapy since I’ve already gone through 16 weeks of physical therapy (4 weeks of passive, 12 weeks of active).  

At this point there is little that my physical therapist can do that I can’t do at home. Also, another physical therapy order would be inconvenient since I’ll be traveling for 3 straight weeks in January and then moving in February before having to travel again. 

It was nice having a quiet, productive work day today. While I enjoy the holidays and everything that comes with it, I am someone who really enjoys the normal flow including my regular meals, fitness, work schedule, etc.  

We still have this week before things really pick back up but it was nice having some semblance of that today.