Day 136: Results of the Blood Labs

Today was an early start so that we could head down to Laura’s office early, thus I only got around 6 hours of sleep last night. 

Even though it was early you could still tell that it was a holiday week because the highway was empty. It took a little over an hour to make it down to San Jose from where we live.

We arrived at Laura’s office around 7:15a and got right to work. Over the course of 2 hours Laura and I packaged 400+ gifts for their managers and associates. We then delivered them to the 2 restaurants near her office. We loaded up her colleague’s car with 2 other restaurants' gifts and then we loaded the final restaurant’s gifts into our car for us to deliver tomorrow. 

All in all it only took 3 hours-ish to finish. It also gave me a chance to ensure Laura’s office was set up on GoToMeeting which was something that we had been meaning to do. 

During the periods of downtime I tackled some work to start (hopefully) getting ahead before 2015 kicks off next week. 

We received a voicemail from our neurologist regarding the blood labs that were taken last week.  

My blood platelets were a bit lower than normal but nothing to worry about yet. They’re currently at 130,00 and become dangerous if they drop below 50,000. 

The Depakote (one of the anti-seizure medications that I take) level was in the 50s which is at the low end of the spectrum. Our neurologist prefers to see it between 60-80 so she prescribed an additional 250mg per night of Depakote. I am currently taking 500mg twice per day so this will increase the dosage by 25%. 

After helping Laura grabbed lunch at one of our favorite restaurants near her office. It was a nice way to relax mid-day. 

Since we were down in the San Jose area we set up a tour of another property that we wanted to consider moving to. It was a nice property and hopefully this tour will help us to make a decision. 

It ended up taking 2 hours to get home due to heavy traffic on the way back north so now we’re recharging before a busy day tomorrow. 

For all of those celebrating Christmas this week, we wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas! I hope that you’re getting in downtime to recharge.