Day 135: The Holiday Slowdown

Before falling asleep last night I continued reading “Inside the Box” (affiliate link) - a great read by T.J. Murphy diving into the Crossfit culture and documenting how it helped him to rebuild his body.

I managed another 8 hours of sleep last night with half of that being deep sleep. Whereas the previous night I had a great dream that I remembered, I had a scary dream last night. It’s been interesting because I don’t typically remember my dreams. 

Today was my only day of meetings for this week since most people are taking downtime for the rest of the week. Everything comes to a crawl around this time of the year including email and meetings.  

I love this time of the year because it allows the ability to tackle goal planning, reviews and organizing for the upcoming year. I’m able to work on both personal and professional goals, shrink both inboxes to zero and get several minor tasks accomplished. 

This morning we received an email and phone call from the UCSF fertility team so that we can schedule blood tests and next steps, likely for February before the March 2nd MRI and start of chemotherapy. 

It is the next step in this journey and one that we’ll take head on. Though this phase will be a bit embarrassing it is something that we need to do before chemo starts. 

Tonight’s shoulder accomplishment was being able to use our Dyson to clean the ceiling fan in our bedroom. I can just barely reach it while I’m on my toes with my arms fully extended overhead. Though I had to take several breaks throughout, I was still able to finish it. 

Tomorrow we’ll be heading to Laura’s office in San Jose so that I can help her with a work project while still getting my work done. 

I took the day off from the gym to allow my body a chance to recover from yesterday. I’m looking forward to hopefully getting in a workout tomorrow even though we have the trek to/from San Jose. 

I’m looking forward to Christmas in a few days. I become a giddy kid this time of the year and can’t wait for Christmas Eve and Christmas.