Day 133: A Relaxing Day After Yesterday's Big Decision

I’m not sure how much sleep I got last night but I know that I fell asleep quickly and didn’t wake up until around 7:00a. The weight of yesterday exhausted me. It felt good to crawl into bed after publishing yesterday’s update

I weighed myself immediately when I woke up as usual. I gained 2 pounds this week while holding my body fat % steady. Another week without drastic changes with either metric.

When I woke up it was so nice to read all of the supportive comments. I always know that there is a large group of people standing behind us as we go through each new stage but it is nice to see the outpouring of support. 

Each new phase has several hurdles - some are large decisions such as we made yesterday and other smaller ones such as being able to reach across my body. 

After this week’s craziness starting with meeting with the epilepsy team and finishing with yesterday, we decided that today would just be a day around the house. 

While I planned on going for a run this morning I ended up just laying on our couch when I woke up and playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (affiliate link). I’ll get back to working out tomorrow morning but just needed some time to hang out this morning. 

Once Laura woke up we went out for bagels and coffee before coming back home to make our Christmas Eve and Christmas grocery list. 

We had to do some searching for the recipes that we use for the various meals but once those were found, we ordered what we could from Good Eggs and will pick up the majority of groceries up tomorrow. 

Next up was to finish wrapping Laura’s Christmas gifts while she hid out in the bedroom to wrap my Christmas gifts. I am now completely done with Christmas shopping and wrapping. 

The rest of the day has been spent relaxing, enjoying our Christmas tree and eating delivery Chinese food.