Day 131: Hearing More Stories from the Hospital Stays

The alarm went off much earlier than usual since we had to leave by 6:00a to beat rush hour traffic down to the Santa Clara/San Jose area. It’s funny to me that I used to wake up at 4:45a to go to the gym yet now I drag when my alarm goes off at anything before 6:30a.

I broke my streak last night only getting 6.75 hours and barely squeaking out 2 hours of deep sleep. I woke up around midnight to use the bathroom, something that has happened the past few nights…again. 

The drive down to my office was uneventful and I had a good day at my office. Several people that I haven’t seen over the past few weeks stopped to say hi or give me hugs. There is still novelty around me being back. It is really nice and I never tire of it because it is sincere caring from a large group of people. 

After I had several meetings Laura swung over from her office so that we could start the trek home. It wasn’t a bad drive until we hit San Francisco. Then it became bumper-to-bumper gridlock that took us 2+ hours to get home. 

As has become the norm for us, we went out for dinner since we were both worn out from the drive home. 

During dinner we talked about memories (or lack thereof) from the two times that I was in the hospital. For example, I didn’t know until tonight that the day after my brain surgery Laura sat by my side and watched TV shows on her tablet while I slept for 5-6 hours. I don’t remember sleeping at all.  

She told me a few other funny stories that in the moment probably weren’t funny but now we’re able to look back at it and laugh.  

My shoulders have felt great throughout the day even after a decent back/shoulders lifting session at physical therapy yesterday. I did have some localized soreness on my right scar but that seems to be something that comes and goes every few days. The actual scar itself will become sore for a few minutes. 

I took 10 minutes to work through hip mobilizations today which made me happy since I have fallen off my daily mobilization routine lately. 

After a long day including the early start and drives to/from the South Bay, we are heading to bed to rest up before a stressful afternoon at UCSF.